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5 reasons why The MotorCoverTM works...

VA Mill cuts Temperature by 22F with The MotorCover

A Virginia Paper Mill tested 6 identical 50hp Toshiba, Premium efficient motors with a NEMA 365T frame all operating under identical loading conditions. This mill recorded temperature drops after installing The MotorCover of 11F to 24F with the average drop being 22F.

29F Drop in Motor Temperature

A large Wisconsin Paper Mill installed The MotorCover on a problem 300hp TEFC style motor. The result... a huge increase in air coming off the motor and a 29F Drop in Motor Temperature! Not only is this mill installing covers in dirty area's but they've identified all HOT motors for covering as well.

Life Extension

A Large Kentucky Paper Mill was replacing a 300hp TEFC style electric motor every 3 months. The motor is located under a pulper and was constantly covered with pulp. After installing our $300.00 cover, this motor has ran trouble-free for over 18 months!
Now that's a payback

Operation in ambient temperatures above 130F

An Eastern Virginia mill installed The MotorCover in a section of mill where summer temperatures routinely passed the 130F mark. To their surprise, they found The MotorCover was still able to lower the motor temperatures by about 20F.

Lightweight, easy handling - No Back Strains -

A Georgia Paper mill was using the old steel "Doghouse" type covers until an electrician strained his back trying to remove a cover. The cost of the back strain could have paid for 5 more motors and a whole mill full of motor covers.

This mill now relies exclusively on The MotorCover due to its proven performance, ease of handling and safety factor.


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