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Why The MotorCoverTM works so well?

Uncovered Motor

Debris falls on the motor, in-between cooling fins and across air intake screen

Just a small amount of debris (2/10ths inch) is enough to both insulate and deflect airflow away
from the motor.

Debris, especially pulp, acts as an insulation blanket to retain heat from the windings.

Dirty & contaminated motors require frequent cleaning and maintenance

Clogged air intakes mean less air is brought in to further reduce the effectiveness of the motor cooling system.

Even with a clean motor, studies have shown up to 80% of airflow is deflected away from the motor.

Hot motors consume more electricity, have degraded load capacity, require frequent maintenance on bearings and windings and operate in a low efficiency mode.

With The MotorCover

Debris lands on The MotorCover, not on the cooling fins.

Cooling fins remain clean and clear so air can pass through them.

Tight fit around exterior of cooling finsprovides a cooling tunnel effect to literally force the air through the cooling fins to push heat away faster and better than ever before.

Longer length covers provide additional protection
to the air intake to reduce blockage from debris.

Covers are lightweight, corrosion resistant and literally snap over the motor without requiring bolts or straps.

Temperature drops as much as 29F have been recorded after installing The MotorCover.

Cooler motor temperature means longer bearing and winding life, fewer breakdowns, lower maintenance costs.


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